Internal Affairs

Emilio Weaver
(956) 230-8071
  Michael Loya
(956) 230-8072
  Eric Foale
(956) 245-5893

"Police officers are granted a public trust that requires that they consistently demonstrate the highest degree of integrity.  With this in mind, The Harlingen Police Department has established Codes of Conduct which set forth the standards requiring officers to maintain a high level of personal and official behavior in order to command the respect and confidence of the public.  When members of the public believe that a police officer with the Harlingen Police Department has engaged in misconduct, to include a violation of racial profiling laws, they may report this misconduct at the Police Department facility.   Members of the public may also contact the Harlingen Police Department Internal Affairs Division at (956) 216-5414.  The function of the Internal Affairs Division of the Harlingen Police Department is to investigate alleged violations of departmental policies and procedures by members of the Department.   The I.A. office conducts only Administrative investigations and any statement taken, or allegation made in this office will have no effect on any criminal proceedings pending against you.  The complete investigation and final disposition of a case is all handled within the Harlingen Police Department.  All information obtained and found during the course of the investigation is kept confidential to the extent allowed by law.  This office does not investigate criminal allegations.    After the case has been completed, it is forwarded to the Office of the Chief of Police for review and disposition.  Once the final disposition is made on the case you will be notified, in writing.  Every member of the Harlingen Police Department has a right to appeal disciplinary action taken against him/her.  You may be requested or subpoenaed to testify, in person, at a disciplinary or Appeal Hearing.  This appearance will not be mandatory, but may affect the outcome of the hearing.”

In accordance with CALEA Chapter 52.1.5 - “The agency compiles annual statistical summaries, based upon records of internal affairs investigations, which are made available to the public and agency employees.”

The following document is made available to the public addressing general complaints of misconduct and/or allegations of Racial Profiling Practices.  Please complete the form and submit it to the Harlingen Police Department Shift Commander or other Police Supervisor: