City Secretary

Mission Statement

Serves as an administrator of different services that impacts a diverse clientele utilizing principles that comply with all applicable laws.
Welcome to the City Secretary’s Office:

This position is a statutory position required by State Law and City Charter, appointed by the City Manager with the consent of the governing body and serves as the Director of the Office of the City Secretary. City Secretary maintains the integrity of the election process, ensures transparency and access to City records, facilitates the City’s legislative process, and is the recorder of the local government history. The City Secretary serves as the Election Administrator, Public information Officer for municipal documents, Record Management Officer; as the filing authority for campaign finance reports and financial disclosure statements and performs any other duties as assigned by the Mayor/Commissioners and City Manager.  

Services offered:

  • Public Information Requests
  • Liquor/beer/wine applications (for sign off)
  • Itinerant vendors/solicitors applications for permits
  • Research services/minutes/ordinances/resolution/documents
  • Boards and commissions
  • Public notices for city meetings
  • Candidates elections and other special elections
  • Customer service
  • Proclamations/special recognitions
The Regular meetings of the Harlingen Elective Commission are held on the lst and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at 5:30 p.m. in Town Hall at City Hall, located at 118 E. Tyler Street, Harlingen, Texas.

The City Secretary attends every meeting of the City Commission and keeps accurate minutes of the proceedings thereof in a book to be provided for that purpose and engrosses and enrolls all laws, resolutions, and ordinances of the Commission, keeps the corporate seal, takes charge of and preserves all books records, papers, documents and files of the Commission, thereby serving as the City’s Records Management Officer; administers oaths, countersigns and attests contracts, and other legal instruments when executed by the authorized officers of the City; serves as the election official for all City elections.

The City Secretary also serves as the recording secretary for the following boards and committees:  Harlingen Community Improvement Board, TIZ Zones 1, 2 & 3 and the Harlingen/San Benito Housing Finance Corporation.

The City Secretary performs other duties as may be required of him/her by law, ordinance, resolution, the City Charter or the direction of the City Manager including but not limited to issuing permits for itinerant vendors, solicitors, taxicabs, beer/liquor/wine.

All Public Information Requests are submitted to the City Secretary and processed according to the requirements of the Texas Open Records Act.

Proclamations and awards of special recognition to citizens/individuals/dignitaries are processed and prepared through the City Secretary’s office.

The City Secretary’s office consists of a Deputy City Secretary and two Administrative Assistants whose primary responsibility is to the City Manager/City Commission.

AMANDA C. ELIZONDO, City Secretary
Phone Number: 956-216-5001

HERMELINDA GONZALES, Deputy City Secretary
Phone Number:  956-216-5001