Department Mission Statement/Purpose

The mission of the Engineering Department is to build and maintain Harlingen’s drainage and street infrastructure. In doing so, the Department manages the city’s drainage and street capital projects and ensures new infrastructure, and private development, adheres to City Code. Additional services include traffic control plan review, grant application management, coordination with internal staff and external agencies, floodplain administration, hazard mitigation planning, emergency operations command, permit review, citizen assistance and updating of City Ordinances.

Goals and Objectives for FY 2022 - 2023

  • Protect public health, safety, and welfare through the administration of comprehensive engineering design with a focus on flood mitigation and street maintenance.
  • Identify and start construction on “shovel-ready” drainage and street projects using the General Fund
  • Execute design and/or construction contracts for projects identified in the 2008 Drainage Master Plan using the General fund and/or Grants
  • Identify and continue to assign drainage and street projects to the nine engineering firms approved by City Commission using American Rescue Plan Act funds
  • Incorporate a Pavement Condition Index study to identify and prioritize street projects as part the Street Improvement Program
  • Administer the 2022-2023 Street Improvement Program within
  • Continue to:
    • Seek additional grant funding and opportunities through federal, state, and external partners to continue to leverage City funds for drainage and street projects
    • Provide thorough oversight and coordination for all City construction projects
    • Provide plans, construction management, and funding requests assistance for the CDBG program
    • Provide exceptional internal and external customer service
    • Aid citizens in requests for information regarding drainage, streets and traffic control devices
    • Support the Planning Department with review and approval of ordinances for conformance with the latest standards and practices
    • Support the City’s operational departments in the development of Citywide master plans
    • Update the City’s infrastructure database which includes paved and unpaved roads and alleys, sidewalks, drainage appurtenances, inlets, and traffic control devices
    • Update the City of Harlingen Standard Details
    • Administer the City’s speed hump installation program
    • Develop maps for City projects and/or requests as necessary
    • Improve the data management structure of the department
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