Finance Department Overview
The Finance Director reports to the City Manager and is head administrator of the Finance Department.

Accounting is the process of assembling, analyzing, classifying and recording data relevant to the financial transactions and events that affect City’s operations. The Finance Department is responsible for the financial planning, policy development and administration of the City's financial activities and personnel. 

The Finance Department has the overall responsibility for all accounting and finance matters relating to the City.  This responsibility is discharged in accordance with the federal and state regulations, the City Charter, Ordinances enacted by the City Commission, directives from the City Manager, and consistent with Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting Standards as established by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.  Specifically this responsibility includes but is not limited to:

  • Accounting control over the automated financial system
  • Active cash and investment management
  • Supervising accounts receivable, cash receipts, accounts payable, cash disbursements, payroll, special assessments, and licensing
  • Maintenance of City-wide capital assets
  • Debt service and administration
  • Budgeting, including publication of the Official Annual Budget Document
  • Reporting, including preparation of the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) and Interim Financial Reports on a monthly basis
  • Internal and administrative control
  • Staff support for the following boards appointed by the City Commission:  The Development Corporation of Harlingen, Inc., Harlingen Community Improvement Board, and Firemen's Relief and Retirement Fund
  • Support to the Health Insurance Fund on matters of financial and/or accounting significance
  • Supervision of the Municipal Court, Purchasing Department and the Warehouse
  • Preparing requests for Proposal, analyzing the Proposals and recommending awarding of contracts to the City Commission for the following:  Contract for Banking Services (Depository Agreement); Contract for Collection of Current Property Taxes and Delinquent Property Taxes; Contract for Professional Auditing Services
  • Planning, coordinating and participating in the client side of the Annual Financial Audit performed by Independent CPA's in a manner to achieve cost containment/savings
  • Tax Assessor Function, including the calculation and publication of the No-New-Revenue and Voter-Approval Tax Rates, providing of Notice & Public Hearings, including compliance with "Truth in Taxation" Laws  and other matters pertaining thereto
  • Administrating Industrial District Agreements (Non-Annexation Agreement), including determining and billing for Payments in Lieu of Taxes
Harlingen’s credit rating is an “AA+” which means credit rating companies see the City as having a very strong capability to meet financial commitments.  
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Finance Department Staff and Functions