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The Health Department protects the health and safety of the community through education and enforcement of the city's health ordinances and food establishment regulations. One of the primary functions of the Environmental Health Department is enforcement of the State regulations on Retail Food Establishments. Establishments are inspected periodically to promote compliance with the current regulations on food service sanitation. Inspectors also investigate suspected food borne illness complaints and concerns regarding unsanitary conditions. Other ordinances enforced by the department are the City's Smoking Ordinance, stagnant water, the Livestock and Fowl Ordinance. In addition to these ordinances, staff investigate and addresses citizen bee call complaints. The department also combats mosquito transmitted diseases by treating standing water to prevent mosquito larvae from hatching into adult mosquitoes and by utilizing the latest mosquito fogging equipment.

Mission Statement
Protect the health and safety of the community through education and enforcement of the City’s Health Ordinances and Food Establishment Regulations.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Conduct health inspections at all Food Establishments, Restaurants, Child/Adult Care Centers Hospitals, School Cafeterias, Retail Bars, etc.
  • Investigate Food Borne Illness and Food Establishment Complaints
  • Foster Home Inspections
  • Perform Mosquito/Vector control Surveillance Adulticide, Larvicide,
  • Investigate Swimming Pool Complaints
  • Conduct weekend Temporary Food Inspections

Shannon Harvill   
Environmental Health Director
Office Phone # (956) 216-5220
E-Mail Address:

Health Department Organizational Chart