Management Information Systems

The Management Information Systems Department is responsible for assisting City departments with the highest level of computer technologies available with the best hardware and software support.

Sergio V. Mujica
M.I.S. Director
Job responsibilities:

  • Design, Develop, and Maintain City wide network systems.
  • Maintain, provide tech support for IBM AS400 system.
  • Create and maintain programs for IBM AS400 system.
  • Install, configure, and maintain city wide network servers.
  • Design, develop, and maintain city wide wireless communications.
  • Maintain the Municipal Court computer systems.
  • Maintain City's Public Library Computer Hardware and Software
  • Maintain Vital Statistics computer systems.
  • Maintain city website.
  • Maintain Fire Records Management computer systems.
  • Maintain and support Police computer systems.
  • Maintain network storage server (NAS)
  • Maintain and support city cybersecurity systems.
  • Maintain City wide network communications.
  • Continuously determine trends and makes recommendations for hardware and software.
  • Maintain a disaster recovery plan that will include cloud storage.

David Castro (systems analyst), Nick Gonzalez (network administrator) Robert Caldera, Guillermo Dorantes (MIS specialists)

Responsible for troubleshooting and resolving Network related problems with Servers, PCs, printers, Time Clock Plus machines, tablets, cell phones, and most electronic devices. Also install and maintains systems backups and software related issues.  Monitor and manage City's VOIP System, Network Firewalls, Network Switches, Network IPS System, City's Web Site, Web Filter, Email Server, Email Spam filter, also maintain and operate City Drones.