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If you are an attorney, defendant, witness, or juror required to appear in court, and you are experiencing any flu-like symptoms, have a fever, or are coughing or sneezing, please do not come to court. Instead, please contact the court by: (1) calling the courtroom deputy clerk at (956) 216-5121 or (2) emailing the courtroom deputy clerk at
At this time, there are no uniform, city-wide changes to court operations. However, individual judges, at their own discretion, may implement accommodations or changes in their own courtroom procedures as appropriate.
Any chambers-specific information, such as rescheduling or special accommodations for hearings, will be announced on the “Scheduling Notes” section of the Court's home page.
*Scheduling Notes*

Mission Statement

The Municipal Court provides a forum for the City of Harlingen and its citizens for consideration of matters within the court's jurisdiction. It accepts complaints of class "C" misdemeanors, bears and enters appropriate pleas, sets cases for trial and tries cases, prepares appeals, send appeals to the County Court at Law, conducts post-arrest hearings for defendants charged with serious offenses, sets bonds, issues arrests and search warrants, conducts driver license suspension hearings, accepts fines, maintains the Court's Docket, and reports convictions to the Department of Public Safety. The City retains one full-time presiding judge and four part-time associate judges, who preside over the Municipal Court.

EmblemImportant Information

  • The Harlingen Municipal Court does not provide or give legal advice
  • You may make your appearance in writing, in person, or through an attorney
  • If you decide to appear in person, your appearance should be made on your court date and time
  • Juvenile defendants (under 16 years of age) are required by law to appear before the court in person and with a parent or legal guardian
  • Anyone under 21 years of age, but over 18 year of age, must appear in person before the Court
  • A telephone call does not constitute an appearance
  • Continuances are not granted by telephone
  • Judge(s) will not accept phone calls from defendants
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