Downtown Board of Directors

Members Term Expires
Bill De Brooke 4/2026
Jessica M. Garcia 4/2024
Wayne Lowry 4/2023
Jesus Pena  4/2025
Fidelina Guillen 4/2024
Larry Keim 4/2025
Jo Wagner 4/2025
John Pearcy 4/2025
Joe L. Martinez 4/2025
Raymond Reyes 4/2025
Reyes Ruellas, Jr. 4/2025

* Each board member continues to serve until they get reappointed, or a new appointee is made once their term is expired.


The Board of Directors shall consist of seven members of which no less than six shall be record owners of real property within the DID. The Board is appointed by the Mayor and City Commission. The Mayor shall have two appointment and each City Commissioner shall have one. Of the mayoral appointments, one shall be an owner and/or general manager of a business located on real property subject to the assessment in the DID. The terms of all appointees shall be concurrent with the term of the Mayor and City Commissioner making said appointment.