Library Advisory Board

Members Term Expires
Katelynn M. Renteria 11/2025
Kristin Luckey 11/2025
Roel Rodriguez 11/2025
Delia Cavazos Gamez 11/2024
Traci M. Gonzalez 11/2024
Omar Villarreal 11/2024

* Each board member continues to serve until they get reappointed or a new appointee is made once their term is expired.

The Public Library Board shall consist of six members appointed by the Mayor and City Commission and terms run concurrent wit the terms of the Mayor and City Commissioners. appointing them. Each appointee shall be 18 years of age. Each appointee or the appointee's spouse must be a resident of the City or work /operate a business in the City. The members shall serve a maximum of three years and shall not exceed the term of the Mayor or City Commissioner who appointed he or she.


The Library Advisory Board shall determine and establish the general policies and program for the operation, conduct and management of the Public Library Service, etc.